Tanager AudioWorks Support Resources

Technical support for Tanager AudioWorks products is available in a variety of ways. Check the Troubleshooting Guides in the various product page Documents tab as a first stop to getting help. Check out the video training material as well on the training page. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us directly either by using the Technical Support Contact Form below or EMAIL us directly at support@tanageraudioworks.com.

Training for Tanager AudioWorks Products

Visit our training page for videos and other useful information to help you get started and use our products.

SongFrame or Chirp Installer Stops at 75%

There are rare occurances of problems when installing SongFrame for Windows on some systems. A few users have told us that the product doesn't completely load. The issue is usally solved by ensuring you right click on the installer file and choose "Run as Administrator." PLEASE be sure to download install SongFrame first before purchasing a license key to make sure it runs on your system . The 30 day evaluation capability is part of the full purchased product, so try it out first. If it loads, you're good to go.

64 Bit Windows Compatibility Information

Our products will work on 64 Bit Windows installations but two critical components must be updated on your PC in order for these to function. The .NET 2.0 Framework from Microsoft must be updated to the 64 Bit version, and the Microsoft Visual C++ Re-Distributable also must be upgraded to the 64 Bit version. Download and install those components either directly from Microsoft or below. Chirp or SongFrame should operate properly once installed.



Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Windows 7 Compatibility Information

All Tanager AudioWorks products are fully compatible with Windows 7 and should work fine with Windows 8 when released.

The current SongFrame Build 9.0 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) but we experience a low audio output volume. This has been fixed for OS 10.8 Mountain Lion. Chirp and Chorducopia work fine in Mac OS 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 as is.

For users of SongFrame or Chirp upgrading to Windows 7 from XP or Vista, it is possible you'll have to re-install the LoopBe30 MIDI Loopback driver utility. The latest version is compatible with Windows 7, but sometimes after an upgrade this utility doesn't work until re-installation. Click here to download the LoopBe30 installer. Also - users of SongFrame or Chirp may need to re-authorize their installations after upgrading to Windows 7. See the section above to access the authorization page. Last - if you are upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 and need the original installers or your serial number for any Tanager AudioWorks product, please EMAIL us at support@tanageraudioworks.com and let us know what you need. We're happy to help get you up and running again!


End User License Agreements


For your convenience, here are the End User License Agreements to all of our Software products. One important note in all of our agreements....several years ago (2008-2009) we sponsored several songwriting contests, thinking this was a good and noble use of our donated products. What we learned was that many prize recipients turned right around and tried to sell our software to other people - a practice we won't support. The DVD versions of these promotional products we donated are all now long out of support. Our goal at the time was to honor and congratulate the winners - not create a gray market for our own products. If you won a product and attempt to sell it, you can rest assured we won't provide a license key to the person you sold it to. These terms appear in our End User License Agreement (EULA.) We occasionally see these promotional shrink wrapped DVD's appear on EBay, Amazon and other places - even today, many years later. Same thing applies - we ONLY offer our products as downloads via our own webstore, and if you got our products in any other way, you should get your money back! Somebody sold you something they didn't pay for. Software products cost serious money to develop, and we (and the rest of the industry) are not running a charity here. Buy the software you use - legimately. You'll be supporting both future development and small business in the process. In today's world where hard work and achievement sometimes seem to be losing favor to entitlements and bail-outs, we won't be party to folks who try and get something for nothing. That's our policy and we're sticking to it!

End User License Agreement