Who We Are

Tanager AudioWorks is a music software company focused on products for songwriters and recording musicians. The company was founded on a basic mission - to provide indispensible tools for musical creation. Our products fit into your workflow in between your song ideas and your Digital Audio Workstation-based recording studio.

Our flagship product, the SongFrame Songwriters Toolkit software, allows you to fully develop your song ideas and save them in a format easily imported into any recording or sequencing software program, creating the perfect session file framework to begin the arrangement and production process. Think of SongFrame as a pre-DAW tool to go along with your favorite recording package. We also provide the Chirp Virtual MIDI Keyboard Controller and Chorducopia Audible Chord Library. All products are Windows and Mac compatible.

Our goal is to develop powerful products which are truly easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. We are avid users of just about every recording, loop/beat and composition software tool available, and it is our goal to provide tools which both fill in the gaps between these products as well as enhance your ability to make great music - anytime and anywhere.