What is Chorducopia?

Chorducopia is like the PC or Mac version of that trusty tattered chord notebook in your guitar case - only better! When you are writing and you have that perfect sound in your head, but can't quite translate it to your fingers, Chorducopia can help.

With over nine-hundred chords hand-diagrammed and recorded in every key, Chorducopia offers the songwriter or student access to the essential elements of songwriting.

Browse through and listen to chords, filter them by key or a variety of other methods, or search for just the one you are looking for-then listen to them. Chorducopia can show you chords related to what you have found for that extra bit of inspiration.

Care has been taken with every chord in every key to provide the most useful and accurate representation.

And it sounds great too. We have put great attention to detail into the recording of every chord. We offer chord voicings made up from both the notes contained in the chord formula as well as the actual fingered notes as shown in the fretboard diagrams. All recording was done using state-of-the-art equipment and the results can be heard. Instrument, cabinet, reverb, attack and spread of individual notes in the chord have all been carefully selected for the clearest and most useful representation.

We want to make our tools not only the easiest to use, but ones that exemplify their greatest asset. You.

Get the idea out of your head and into your song.

Chorducopia Features and Quick Specifications

  • Runs on Windows XP/Vista PC's and PPC/Intel Macs.
  • Contains 990 chord sounds (55 in each enharmonic key name.).
  • Chord Sound library contains 2 banks of 3 instrument sounds each (almost 6000 files.)
  • Bank A - Fretboard Diagram Voicings
    • Clean Strat
    • Classical Guitar
    • Rock Guitar
  • Bank B - Chord Formula Voicing Over 2 Octaves
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Rhodes Piano
    • Grand Piano
  • Chord sounds are individual audio clips - plays on any computer with any sound card setup.

Chorducopia ® Audible Chord Library Software Videos

These training videos are designed to help you get the most out of the Chorducopia Audible Chord Library software. If you are starting out as a Trial Version user, please review each video to make the most of your experience.

Chorducopia Overview Video

(To watch this video in high quality, press the Play button and then click the settings control in the lower right of the video display. Choose 720p.)

Chorducopia Documentation

All Chorducopia related documentation can be found in the links here.

Chorducopia Overview Brochure

Chorducopia Installation and QuickStart Guide

Chorducopia User Manual

Chorducopia Troubleshooting Guide

Chorducopia Demos and Example Sounds

Note - the Chorducopia demo is a limited functionality subset of the full product. These versions are limited to just C root chords in the library.


Example Chord Sounds


Chorducopia Audible Chord Library Software - Full Versions



Chorducopia Example Screens

Examples of Chorducopia screen shots can be found below.

Chorducopia Overview


Chorducopia Overview


Welcome to Chorducopia, perhaps the most complete and useful chord library available today. Chorducopia is aimed at songwriters and musicians of all skill levels. We have assembled a collection of hand-picked chord types representing the most often used chords in rock, pop, country, blues and jazz - and put them in a simple to use tool with the ability to hear the chords played by a variety of instruments. We provide 2 banks of sounds; voicings of the chords as shown in the included guitar fretboard diagrams, and more theoretically correct voicings constructed from the chord formula and played over a 2 octave range. Once you have found a particular chord, Chorducopia allows you to look at and hear every related chord that shares common notes; you decided how many notes the chords must share. Songwriters looking for the ideal chord substitute can quickly audition the new possible substitute next to the original chord. Guitar players of all levels can use the tool to learn new chords. Beginning guitar students can focus on the critical chords in each key and hear how they should sound if fingered properly.


Using Chorducopia

Chorducopia loads in Grid Mode. Type any chord name or partial chord name in the Search box and hit the Enter key - the table below shows the resulting chords. Click on the guitar fretboard diagram to hear the chord played.

Choose from 6 instruments in the Played On menu:

  • Bank A: actual fretboard diagram voicings shown (3 instruments)
  • Bank B: chord formula voicings (3 instruments)

There are 3 Filters for chords provided:

  • All - Shows all chords in the (990 chords.)
  • Common - Shows the 21 most commonly found chord types in popular music.
  • Key - shows a collection of chords representing the chords in the selected Major key as well as some additional related chords.

  • Once a chord has been selected, click Show Related to enter Carousel Mode. This shows 10 chords which share notes in common with the selected chord. Choose how many notes shared in the Notes dialog. The number of related chords is displayed at the bottom, and use the right and left arrows to show the next or previous set of 10 related chords. Click on any chord diagram in the carousel to hear the chord sound. Click on the original chord in the upper right to hear it as well - compare chord sounds this way. Click Back to Results to return to Grid Mode.

Chorducopia has been discontinued for sale.