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SongFrame ® Songwriter's Toolkit Software

Introducing the missing half of your DAW studio setup - the musical half that makes your songs better. SongFrame Songwriters Toolkit software places a rich set of musical tools at your fingertips all aimed at improving your songwriting. Work out chords, progressions, melodies, lyrics, rhythms and song form using expert tools, and save your finished work to a form easily imported into your favorite DAW or sequencing application. SongFrame is not a production or finishing environment like your DAW software; it is an essential toolbox that accompanies your DAW tools focusing ultimately on creating template files for your recording software - complete with all your guide tracks and even markers showing every song section and chord change.


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SongFrame Screen Image

Chirp ® Virtual MIDI Keyboard Controller Software

Capture musical inspiration on the go without having to connect a hardware MIDI keyboard. Just use your laptop's keyboard or mouse to enter notes and chords in any music software requiring MIDI input or providing MIDI output. Want to write that masterpiece or work on that string part in your DAW during your cross-country flight? Chirp makes it both possible and easy. The keyboard is resizable on the user's display, and the computer key mappings are shown as labels on the piano keys and trigger pads/controls.

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Chorducopia ® Audible Chord Library Software

Songwriters-put away that heavy chord encyclopedia filled with near impossible fingerings and fire up Chorducopia™. Containing over 50 chord types in each key, search and filter for the chord you need or just listen to them played by a variety of instruments right on your computer speakers. Looking for an appropriate substitute chord? Chorducopia features a graphical carousel of substitute chords - scroll, click and listen!

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